What is enaible?

Let’s start with a bold assertion: enaible is the new future of work – your work, to be precise. Our AI-driven solutions help you do better, work smarter, and achieve more. Lofty claims? Maybe, but enaible is not just a productivity tool, it’s a productivity lifestyle. And like any credible lifestyle, ours is built on science, evidence, and hard fact. 

In essence, enaible combines the power of Human Activity Recognition (HAR) with proven methods of leadership and behavioral science to turn millions of data points into powerful insights that improve the way you work and earn you the recognition you deserve. 

And there’s another important point: enaible is not an employee monitoring software. It does not reveal your personal activity history to anyone but you.

It’s about getting better.

At enaible, we believe in personalized growth experiences for every employee. By analyzing your own, individual work patterns, enaible identifies the improvement areas that will yield the greatest results, helping you to maximize your productivity and outperform the standards you set yourself – no matter how high. Here’s the most exciting part: until you try enaible, you have no idea how incredible you can be.

It’s about working smarter.

Through data-driven insights, enaible empowers you to work in your smartest way. Maybe you are most productive at a certain time of day, or maybe you get more done by ignoring your morning emails. For you, there’s no legwork or guesswork involved; if there’s a way you could be working smarter, enaible will let you know. 

It’s about achieving more.

enaible is the career coach you never had. It will never let you down. enaible combines insights and recommendations into a personalized growth experience, giving you the confidence and tools to achieve your career goals, and then some.

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