What is productivity?

Productivity is simple, isn’t it? Total output divided by total input, and ‘voila’, there you have it. To get more out, you just put more in. Well, if it were that simple, almost every company on the planet would be a blinding success and global productivity growth would be through the roof, not through the floor.
Yes, productivity is about inputs and outputs, but there’s much more to it than that. In an industrial age populated by machines and manual labor, the formula just about cut it. Labor and materials went into machines, and physical goods rolled off assembly lines the other side. But in the era of the knowledge worker where people think for a living, understanding productivity requires a far more nuanced approach. Today, unlocking productivity potential requires a holistic approach that focuses on optimizing activities, building good habits, and boosting quality impact.
You are not a machine. You’re more than the sum of the hours you work. What you do, counts, and while you’re not shoveling coal or manning a production line, your results matter - more than ever. In fact, today’s worker has never been more powerful. The actions and decisions of the twenty-first-century employee can literally make or break a company, sometimes at the touch of a button.
And if a knowledge worker is that powerful in isolation, imagine what it means for the collective. In a world of stakeholder capitalism, collaboration is king. Knowledge worker productivity is not just about individual output, it’s about individual ability to impact team performance and contribute to collective company goals.
This is where enaible and data come in. enaible wasn’t just molded to fit this new reality, it was purpose-built precisely for it. It has been designed to help executives, managers, and employees harness the power of data in order to identify the activities that drive productivity and maximize the impact of knowledge workers on company performance.
For decades, organizations have grappled with problems of productivity and scratched their heads as they attempted to force an outdated formula onto a changing world, only to discover it simply doesn’t fit. Now, all that can stop. enaible is changing the game, with groundbreaking solutions driven by AI, data, and a belief in the potential of people.
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