Why is my company using enaible?

Like us, your employer believes in you and the potential of your company. It believes in employee empowerment over micromanagement and collective achievement over personal gain. enaible helps your company bring the very best out in people and build a stronger, more successful organization for the benefit of all. For years, companies world-wide have struggled to understand and measure productivity. As a result, they’ve also struggled to help it grow. With enaible, you and your company can now unlock valuable productivity insights that will help you earn maximum rewards and satisfaction from your work, while making tangible impact on the overall success of the organization. Happy employees, happy companies, it’s a win-win.

Is my company spying on me?

No. As mentioned earlier, enaible is neither an employee monitoring software nor a rating tool. All your data is encrypted, de-identified and anonymized. That means your company couldn’t use enaible to spy on you, even if it wanted to. The companies that come to enaible simply want to be the best they can be, and that starts with people. With enaible’s support, your company can help you boost your productivity to new heights and reach potential you never knew you had.
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