How does enaible work?

At the core of enaible is our industry leading Human Activity Recognition Engine - a powerful tool built on an algorithm that learns how you work so you can focus on the things that truly make a difference. Built by our dedicated team of data scientists, our software seamlessly integrates all of your work data into one place where it is analyzed according to three key indicators of success: activities, habits, and quality impact. Once your data is fully processed, enaible delivers a personalized growth experience, complete with powerful insights and suggestions that help you:

  • Recognize patterns of success
  • Build habits that maximize productivity and minimize burnout
  • Learn how the quality of your work impacts the productivity of others
  • Focus on what makes a difference
  • Track your progress to feel happier and more accomplished at work
  • Learn how much time you spend engaged in meetings and other activities

Know the score.

The enaible score is a single productivity metric that helps you understand your overall productivity performance – and then improve it. 
The enaible score consists of three primary productivity indictors: activities, habits, and quality impact. Combined, these indicators give an overall productivity score of 0-300 for a selected period of time. The higher the score, the greater your productivity for the work that you choose to measure.  
Instead of looking at dozens of KPIs and metrics in isolation, this single view of productivity offers invaluable insight into the three most important factors affecting your personal productivity:
  • How you spend your time
  • The consistency of your work habits
  • Your impact on others
For a more in-depth explanation of how enaible works, see “What’s the science behind enaible?”

Three metrics of success.

enaible believes that your activities, habits, and quality impact can unlock your productivity potential and turn your hours worked into rewarding results. These success metrics reveal how you spend your time, the consistency of your work habits, and how the quality of your work impacts others. Let’s take a closer look.
Activity Score: How do I spend my time?
Time is the most valuable currency you have. We’re all credited 1,440 minutes per day, and no two people spend them the same way. The most productive people are good stewards of their calendars, making conscious decisions about every minute to make the most of their time and maximize the results they deliver.
Unfortunately, most people are caught in what we call the toxic Activity Trap. They become so enmeshed in an activity that they lose sight of why they are doing it. The activity becomes a false goal; an end in itself. Successful people never lose sight of their goals, and with enaible’s smart activity insights, you won’t either. 
At enaible, we add a new level of awareness to your work, through our Activity Classifier. It uses signals from the software systems you already use, like Salesforce or 0365, to automatically translate the different tasks you are working on into universal and easily understandable categories. 
With enaible’s activity-based insights, you’ll see how the time you spend on certain tasks affects your overall progress towards achieving your goals. You’ll be armed with important information, like when you're spending too much time in meetings, and you’ll finally be empowered to say “no” so you can get real work done. Through enaible’s unique activity score and insights, you will:
  • Learn which activities your time is being wasted on.
  • Easily reduce busy work to get time back in your day and stay in the zone.
  • Identify and eliminate the things that don’t need to be done at all.
  • Shift your focus from “hours worked” to “results-driven” by spending time on the activities that impact the results you’re responsible for.
Habit Score: How consistent are my work habits?
One of the leading causes of productivity loss is a common work habit that neuroscientists call “context switching”. While multitasking may feel productive, it has a negative impact on your time, your energy, and your brain. Each small shift in your focus leads to a cognitive cost which can leave you feeling burnt out at the end of the day.
enaible identifies common work habits like context switching and many more, allowing you to reduce fatigue and increase your overall sense of wellbeing and accomplishment. Through enaible’s unique Habit Score and insights, you will learn to:
  • Manage your energy, not just your time
  • Prioritize value-add work
  • Avoid cognitive multitasking and limiting distractions
  • Create time for flow state and concentrated, deep work
  • Take control of your time in a way that’s proactive, not reactive
Quality Impact Score: What is my impact on others?
At enaible, we believe that success is a team effort that should be achieved and celebrated together. By learning how your work impacts others, you can find ways to help each other succeed. Through enaible’s unique Quality Impact Score and insights, you will be able to:
  • Correct mistakes before they impact others
  • Reduce overall time wastage
  • Improve the overall quality of your work
  • Reduce mistakes that cause others to work more
  • Deliver team results on time
  • Optimize your work processes
  • Help improve the productivity of others
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