How does enaible help me succeed?

enaible believes in personalized growth experiences for everyone. Think of enaible as the best coach you’ve ever had. It’s there for you 24/7 offering support, personalized recommendations, and constructive advice on how you can increase your productivity and gain maximum satisfaction from your career. enaible’s unparalleled insights earn you the recognition you deserve from your employer, and help you become the very best version of yourself.

Successful people are simply those with productive habits, and recent advances in behavioral science have taught us how to create them. Every habit you have, whether good or bad, follows the same three step pattern:
  1. Reminder - a trigger that initiates a behavior
  2. Routine - the behavior itself
  3. Reward - the benefit you gain from the behavior
This means that our ability to change our habits and improve our productivity can be greatly assisted through the use of science and technology. Success is no longer a game of chance, it’s a lifestyle we can guarantee.
At the core of enaible is our Human Activity Recognition Engine - a technology driven approach to measuring human behavior by assessing behavioral triggers, routine activities, and the results that follow. Integral to the Human Activity Recognition Engine, is our Trigger-Activity-Time™ algorithm, and it’s revolutionizing the way people work.
Our enaible score produces a metric that is much more than a measurement of productivity - it's a measurement that indicates how likely you are to develop habits that will help you make success a lifestyle.
Even the most successful people have room to grow. In fact, often what makes a person excel at their job, is their relentless ambition and pursuit of perfection. Great people are driven by the belief that their best is yet to come, and enaible helps them get there, time and time again. enaible gives great employees the recognition they deserve, and sets them on a journey of continuous growth. And it’s a journey filled with reward and satisfaction as you achieve things you never thought possible.
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