What is the science behind enaible?

As you embark on your personalized growth experience, our behavior learning algorithm will intelligently recommend productive working habits that will set you on the right path. Forget about struggling to build better habits, enaible’s Trigger-Activity-Time™ algorithm will provide you with the reminder, the routine, and the reward.

Here’s how it works:
  • The algorithm begins by observing existing work patterns, trigger and activity outcomes, and manager/employee interactions, to develop a comprehensive picture of your workday
  • The trigger-activity combinations are then quantized to account for the sparsity of trigger-activity combinations 
  • After quantization is complete, enaible’s Maximum Likelihood Estimator™ is used to calculate the ideal time for each quantum along with the standardized distance from the ideal time, which serves as an input for the enaible score 
  • The enaible score measures individual employee performance across each and every task they execute
  • The Trigger-Activity-Time™ algorithmic stack then provides input to our Leadership Recommender™ that recommends what leaders and employees need to do to achieve productivity growth
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