What about my privacy?

enaible believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. We know how important your data is, and that’s why enaible was designed to protect your privacy at all costs. Innovative privacy technologies and techniques were built in from the beginning and designed to minimize how much of your data we — or anyone else — can access.

To help prevent anyone except you from accessing your information, we have powerful security features in place. We take a number of steps that help organizations prevent misuse or accidental disclosure. In fact, all of your data is de-identified, so you can rest assured that you and your activities will always remain anonymous. 
Any information you see on enaible is protected with encryption, which provides the highest level of data security. Your enaible content is encrypted when it’s transferred and matched with security features designed to protect your data while giving you fast and easy access.
For more information regarding our privacy standards please see “ enaible Privacy
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