My Recommendations

enaible is built to bring out the best in you. Designed by leadership experts, our Leadership Recommendation Engine creates a personalized growth experience helping you get better, work smarter, and achieve more. 

The Today’s Recommendation module on the My Productivity page is designed to help you take positive steps towards improving your overall productivity and success. The recommendations are divided into three categories:
  1. Priority recommendations - powerful, AI-generated, recommendations based upon the way you work
  2. Popular recommendations - recommendations that teammates or individuals in similar roles found helpful
  3. Best practice recommendations - thousands of built-in recommendations based on general best practice from leadership and productivity experts
When you find a recommendation that you like, you can press the green ‘I like this’ button to see similar content and move the recommendation into your My Recommendations Board. If you dislike a recommendation, you can press the yellow ‘I don’t like this’ button to see other recommendations that you are more interested in. 
After clicking like/dislike on the recommendations, they are pinned to your Personal Recommendation Board allowing you to choose your favorites. You can navigate to My Recommendations by pressing the star icon in the top navigation bar. Here, you can use your cursor to drag recommendations that you want to work on to create your own personal growth plan.
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