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Who employees spend their time with is key to understanding if they are performing as expected. enaible Sales gives you the power to unlock new revenue streams, improve the customer experience, and increase productivity - all while reducing costs.

Sales Overview
The enaible Sales Overview brings clarity to your sales departments. It allows you to:
  • Learn how much time you really spend selling 
  • Learn if your sales teams are getting sucked into organizational drag
  • Discover how to free up more time for customers
The Sales Overview enables you to view time usage metrics by:
  • Internal vs. external time 
    External-only hours are the number of hours spent engaged in meetings and emails with at least one person external to the company. These typically imply collaboration with customers
  • Sales activities
    The best salespeople focus their efforts on their most important priorities. Easily discover what activities your salespeople spend time on – and what activities they should be spending time on. Uncover if your teams are spending enough time interacting with customers through common activities like meetings, emails, and phone calls
  • Pipeline stage
    Find out which pipeline stage gets the most attention. Armed with that knowledge, you can make any necessary changes and set your team on track to greater success
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