Quick Start Guide

Welcome to enaible — a productivity lifestyle for everyone. enaible empowers employees, managers, and executives to understand how their work activities impact their personal career growth and the success of their company overall. 

The following guide will show you how to get up and running with enaible. To help you get started, check out the video below for a quick tour, then read on for more details. 

1. Log in to your account

Tip: We highly recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome to enjoy the best experience when using enaible.
Joining an account for the first time
  1.  First you must activate your account. Go to your company email and open the invite you have received from your administrator. Press the pink ‘Activate my account’ button to proceed.
  2. After pressing the ‘Activate my account’ button, you will be directed to the sign up page. If your company uses single sign-on, press the ‘Sign up with SSO'’ link on the bottom of the sign up form to continue. All other users: fill in the available password fields, press 'Continue' when you are done, and you are good to go!
Log in to an existing account
  1. Navigate to your company's enaible account in your browser. The url is usually enaible.yourcompanyname.com
  2. Once you have navigated to enaible, you can either log in with single sign-on access or through regular log in credentials. If your company uses single sign-on, you can press the ‘Sign on with SSO’ link on the bottom of the login form. All other users can fill in the available email and password fields and press the pink ‘Log in’ button to continue.

2. Review your team enaible score

After logging in to enaible, you will be automatically redirected to the Our Productivity page. Here, you can review your team’s enaible score by looking at the ‘Current Score’ gauge on the left side of the screen. The team enaible score is the single metric you need to understand how your team’s work-related activities and habits are impacting not only their overall career growth, but the success of the broader team, and of the company overall.
The score ranges from 0 to 300 and updates frequently. It describes team productivity based on: 
  • Activities - how we are spending our time 
  • Habits - how consistent our work habits are
  • Quality Impact - our impact on others
The higher the score, the better. Be sure to check back frequently to see how your score updates over time. 

3. Review your personal enaible score

After reviewing your team’s enaible score and developing an overview of how they’re performing, it’s time to take a look at your personal enaible score to understand how you’ve improved. 
  1. Locate and press the ‘My Productivity’ link at the top of the screen in the top bar.
  2. Review your score by looking at the ‘Current Score’ gauge on the left side of the screen.
Just like your team enaible score on Our Productivity, your personal enaible score updates frequently. It ranges from 0 to 300, and describes your productivity based on: 
  • Activities - how you are spending your time 
  • Habits - how consistent you work habits are 
  • Quality Impact - your impact on others 

4. Review today’s recommendations

After getting to know your enaible score, it’s time to learn how to improve it!
  1. Located on the left side of the screen on the My Productivity page, you will see Today's Recommendation.

Today’s Recommendations are a series of recommendations designed to help you get better, work smarter, and achieve more. Read the recommendations and implement them to watch your score improve over time. If the recommendation is not something you need or if it is not something you are ready to work on, you can press on the ‘thumbs down’ icon to generate recommendations that better reflect your needs! 

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